The Ultimate Guide to Diet Plan Book Reviews

Every year more and more weight loss programs’ trickle into the dieting arena. There are many reasons’ people use diets or weight loss programs, such as the programs that you are going to read about in this article, that you can use to help you lose weight. Some want to achieve a sexier looking body for a variety of reasons, others use them to help keep fit and healthy, and other use these diet plans due to being tired of carrying around the extra body weight.
You can find many fitness programs on the internet, gyms, spas, and various other fitness centers. To often these types of programs are to expensive for the average person to join or use. The best thing about wanting to lose weight is that you can do it without the expensive gym memberships.

There are quite a few weight loss program books that are available in bookstores that can help you lose weight effectively without going broke doing so. With so many endorsements on these weight loss plans, it becomes harder and harder to make an informed decision on which plan to choose.

Diet Plan Book Summaries

The Dash Diet

The Dash Diet Plan supports eating moderate amounts of protein and fat with a high carbohydrate intake. This diet plan is primarily designed to lower your blood pressure. The Dash Diet Plan uses the pyramid food guide and it encourages that eating more of whole wheat grains, fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy.

Eat Right for Your Type

The Eat Right for Your Type Plan is based on a person’s blood type. This diet plan recommends for those with the blood type O should eat plenty of meat. There are some blood types that this particular diet plan is to imbalanced nutritionally and far to low in calories. There hasn’t been any proof that a person’s blood type affects their dietary needs.

Atkins New Diet Revolution

The Atkins Diet Plan encourages a high protein and low carbohydrate intakes. This diet plan, the dieters can fast on pastas and breads. There are not any restrictions on fat intakes, and you can indulge in the butter and salad dressings without guilt. The Atkins Diet Plan you will find that you could be lacking in calcium and fiber, with the high intake of fat, and low intakes of grains and fruit.

Choose to Lose

The Choose to Lose Diet Plan gives the dieters a “fat” budget, and they are allowed to choose how to use their “fat” budget. The dieters are not pressured to watch their carbohydrate intake. Eating low fat dairy, seafood, poultry, and meat are fine with this diet and the diet suggests eating pasta and breads, fruits and vegetables, and cereals. There is an even amount of food that is distributed for this plan so that dieters can maintain a healthy weight loss regime. If your triglyceride levels become to high, cut back on the carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. Triglycerides are a type of fat …

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